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Continuing Education: 2SLGBTQ Health

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2SLGBTQ Health

Creating Inclusive Health Care Experiences


Health Needs, Health Issues, and Barriers to Care

Searching for 2SLGBTQ Articles in Databases

For a comprehensive search both keywords and subject headings should be searched. 

Please note! Although these are effective search terms, these words may be hurtful and offensive to many people in the 2SLBTQ+ community due to the historic use of these words to oppress, criminalize, and pathologize gender and sexual diversity. "Homosexual" and "transsexual" are becoming outdated and should be used with caution in practice.

Bisexuality Bisexuality Bisexuality
Disorders of sex development Bisexuals Gender identity
Gender identity Gay men Homosexuality
Health Services for transgender persons Gay persons Lesbianism
Homosexuality, Male Gay identity Male Homosexuality
Homosexuality, Female GLBT persons Transgender
Sexual and gender minorities Homosexuality Transexualism
Transgender persons Lesbians  
Transsexualism Men who have sex with men  
  Sexual identity  
Suggested Databases 
    Major bibliographic database for clinical medicine, including: internal medicine, general medicine, primary care, family medicine, and general practice, as well as: veterinary medicine, nursing, allied health, dentistry, and pre-clinical sciences.
    Access Note: Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10 will not be supported after December 31, 2018.
  • PsycINFO
    Bibliographic database "providing abstracts and citations to the scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences."
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text: Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
    A comprehensive database providing full text for more than 760 journals (450 only available in full-text through CINAHL) and abstracts and indexing for over 3000 journals covering nursing & allied health topics.

Action Canada works within Canada and globally to promote health, well-being, and rights related to sexuality and reproduction. Building on the strong histories of our three predecessor organizations, we cover a broad spectrum that includes directly providing support, referrals, and information; working with other groups and organizations on a range of campaigns using a collaborative, movement-building approach; and policy advocacy related to sexual and reproductive rights (including abortion), gender, LGBTQ rights, comprehensive sexuality education, and more.

From partnerships with health care providers and activists on the ground to engaging decision-makers in Canada and around the world, movement building is at the core of everything we do.

CPATH is an interdisciplinary professional organization which works to support the health, well-being, and dignity of trans and gender diverse people.

Egale works to improve the lives of LGBTQI2S people in Canada and to enhance the global response to LGBTQI2S issues. Egale will achieve this by informing public policy, inspiring cultural change, and promoting human rights and inclusion through research, education and community engagement.

GLMA is a national organization committed to ensuring health equity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and all sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals, and equality for LGBTQ/SGM health professionals in their work and learning environments. To achieve this mission, GLMA utilizes the scientific expertise of its diverse multidisciplinary membership to inform and drive advocacy, education, and research.

The National LGBT Health Education Center provides educational programs, resources, and consultation to health care organizations with the goal of optimizing quality, cost-effective health care for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

The Education Center is a part of The Fenway Institute, the research, training, and health policy division of Fenway Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center, and one of the world’s largest LGBT-focused health centers.



Using the Right Language

2SLGBTQ Health Guide

This guide was adapted with permission from the University of Saskatchewan Library's LGBTQ2+ Health Libguide