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Continuing Education: DynaMed

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DynaMed is a database of detailed information on thousands of topics, across 35 healthcare discipline specialties.

DynaMed synthesizes and appraises evidence, allowing you to quickly answer clinical practice questions.

If you are looking for the highest quality evidence, DynaMed is a good place to start.
See our Research Help section for more information on choosing the highest quality evidence.

Clarity and transparency

DynaMed is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. Each topic is broken down into relevant categories on the left-hand side.

DynaMed's team of physicians and expert researchers are updating DynaMed daily with new research. Recommendations are clearly cited, and the evidence is graded to help you assess clinical importance.

Key Features

  • DynaMed includes links to Clinical Practice Guidelines and patient handouts from various organizations.
  • Many topics include photo and video content.
  • CME Points: Create a personal account and track your reading and learning for credit towards your CME/continuing education needs.
  • DynaMed also includes Micromedex drug monographs and drug interaction checker, as well as many clinical calculators.
  • Try out the free app! Instructions here

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