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SHIRP: Evidence Based Practice

Homepage for the Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Program (SHIRP)

Evidence Based Practice Resources

  • JAMAevidence is a digital platform offered in conjunction with JAMA designed to teach students, Residents, practicing Physicians and other health care professionals how to acquire and apply evidence in a clinical setting. There are three cornerstone textbooks as well as downloadable powerpoint slides, calculators, critical appraisal worksheets and audio

  • ​Goldet, G; Howick, J., Understanding GRADE: an introduction. Journal of evidence-based medicine 2013, 6(1):50-4. PMID: 23557528 - request full text article - when the request page opens, click on "request via local document delivery system".

  • Di Censo, A; Bayley, L.; Haynes, R. Brian, Accessing pre-appraised evidence: fine tuning the 5S model into a 6S model. Evid Based Nurs 2009; 12(4):99-101. HTML version. PDF version

  • Windish, D. Searching for the right evidence: how to answer your clinical questions using the 6S hierarchy. Evid Based Med 2013 Jun; 18(3):93-7. PMID 2304819. HTML version PDF version

Summarized information on conditions, diseases, topics, interventions is readily available to help you save time when looking for answers to clinical questions.
Authoritative experts search, appraise and synthesize information from the medical literature using evidence-based criteria. The information is updated to help you stay current with the latest research and often includes links to published reviews. 
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