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SHIRP: Apps for Mobile Devices

Homepage for the Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Program (SHIRP)

Apps for Mobile Devices

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Join over 500 health care practitioners in Saskatchewan using Read by QxMD as a platform to retrieve full text articles in one tap! Collect, store, share and engage with the literature indexed in PubMed. Linking a free Read by QxMD account to SHIRP’s full text journal holdings creates a powerful tool to drive your learning and practice.

 Demonstration of ReadbyQxMD (2 minute video)

How to setup ReadbyQxMD and link to the SHIRP full text journal collection (2 minute video)

JAMA Network Reader (available for Apple ONLY)
Access to all content across all 12 JAMA Network Journals. 

Note: you will need to create your own free Account with AMA in order to use this app.

FREE - no wi-fi needed


Download the app to your mobile device

Open the online version of RxFiles using your mobile device

Look for a link "activate iOS/Android app" near the top right of the page and tap it.This link may be on the bottom of the page on tablets

Open the app. Under the RxFiles Plus logo it should say "unlocked by verified IP until (date)". Repeat these steps to refresh.

- no wi-fi needed

On any computer or mobile device open the online version of Dynamed Plus

Click or tap "Get Dynamed Plus Mobile App" link on the left side of the page under Spotlight

Enter your email address (work or home but accessible from your mobile device) and click Send

Open your email on your mobile device and look for an email with the subject "Dynamed Plus mobile app download instructions" and open it

Tap on the links to 1) download the app from either iTunes or Google Play and 2) tap the authentication key. The key is valid for 48 hours. If you do not authenticate within that time you can re-send yourself the email. Refresh using the email push every 6 months. You can install DMP on up to three devices using the same email address.

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