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SHIRP: Indigenous Health

Homepage for the Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Program (SHIRP)

Indigenous Health

Indigenous Wellness Course at the University of Saskatchewan

Designed for all health care practitioners.

This course is a collaborative project developed by the Division of Continuing Medical Education, College of Medicine, and Continuing Physical Therapy Education, University of Saskatchewan, with assistance from the Canadian Medical Protective Association. The content was created by Indigenous community members and scholars, some of whom are the on-line instructors. It is designed from an indigenous world view, delivered through the voices and stories of leaders in Indigenous health care. Upon completion, health care practitioners will be equipped with the knowledge and insights to employ an interdisciplinary approach in understanding and supporting indigenous patients.



Designed for First Nations Health Staff

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Cochrane Library

Health of Indigenous Peoples - Cochrane Special Collection 2015. A series of reviews focusing on the health of Indigenous people. 


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

Suicide Prevention

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Finding Published Information about Aboriginal Health

Filters are pre-constructed searches designed to search concepts for which there are many search terms. The filter below is designed to search as a "cut and paste" string to retrieve studies related to Saskatchewan Indigenous Peoples in OVID Medline.

Dorgan, Marlene, Lisa Tjosvold and Sandy Campbell. Filter to Retrieve Studies Related Indigenous Peoples of Saskatchewan in the OVID MEDLINE Database. John W. Scott Health Sciences Library, University of Alberta. Rev. December 17, 2013.

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